Coming into this class I was very worried. I saw the amount of work that we were going to have to do and I began to get overwhelmed because I knew I would be working a lot and taking another summer class. I imagine that this is how teachers feel when they are “taught” how to use new technology in a day. However, I am very glad that I have taken this class as I have learned a lot about technology in the classroom. Honestly, before this class I did not know that there were separate standards for technology. It was very good learning about all of these standards. I also learned in this class that although I was pressed for time I was able to make time for technology. This is important because I will know that I will be able to make time to incorporate technology into my class, even when I feel like I don’t have enough time. The tool that I liked the most from the class was Diigo. This site allows me to keep all of my sites organized and organization is something that a teacher just cant live without. I also enjoyed learning about wikis. This reminds me of having a website of your own and you can provide your students and their parents with information. Finally, this class forced me into getting a Twitter account. At this point, I don’t know if this is a good thing or not but I am currently addicted.



Learning Log – Wikis

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This is a wiki for Magnet Elementary School. The wiki is used mainly to show what is happening in the PE class. The teacher puts up a lot of pictures of all of the activities that the kids are participating in as well as putting up announcements for future classes. This page could be used to keep the parents informed about what their kids are doing in class as well as helping students who are absent to catch up on material they may have missed.

This is a wiki for Rising Sun Middle School. This wiki does not seem to be used as much as the previous wiki that I visited. This site seems to be mainly used to get the information out there that would be covered in the beginning of the year. These items include the class goal, grading policies, weather policies, and contact information. This is all information that is important for both the student and their parents to know. It is good to have this information posted online for the parents because they may never see it if it is just given to the students.

This is a wiki for Kaikoura High School. This wiki is used for both physical education and health class. This page is much more different than the other wikis that I have visited. I believe that this is because it is a high school wiki and that it is also used for health. I noticed a page that has a lot of key terms that should be used when writing essays for the class. The words remind me of a physical fitness class from what I can see in the attachments but there are not any pictures on the page. I also do not see much in the way of announcements either. Not the best wiki I’ve visited.

This is maybe the worst wiki that I have found. It is a wiki for PE at Sanford Creek Elementary School. The only thing that is on this wiki is a message about remembering to wear sneakers and a short write-up about why it is important to wear sneakers for physical activity. However, the wiki also has a link to another web page which seems to be the class page. This page provides information about the teacher and the class such as announcements. There are also pages for external links and clubs. I think that all of this information could be provided on the wiki page and that would make it even more easily accessible.

I created a voice thread that discusses social networks and tools. The tools that I discuss are Twitter, Facebook and Google Documents. Twitter and Facebook are very similar in what they can do. They both allow for classroom conversations to occur outside of the classroom. However, Twitter has a character limit where Facebook does not. They both also allow videos and pictures to be posted. This could be used to show what is happening in the class or stir up class discussions.

Google Documents is a site that allows you to collaborate on items such as documents, forms, and presentations. This means that teachers could collaborate on an assessment for a unit or possibly a pre-test. The students could collaborate with each other on projects and presentations. This produces a better learning experience for the kids because they are being introduce to more technology and the teachers will be better prepared for the class.

Google Document

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This is a document that was created using Google Documents. The document is about my favorite social networking tool which is Facebook.

Good Reads

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Travis’s bookshelf: to-read

Learning Log - iGoogle



iGoogle can help me in the education world because it can help to keep me organized. It allows me to put a lot of different information from different sites all into one place. I  did this with Twitter, Google Reader, and Google Docs. This will help to save me time because I won’t have to go to all of the different sites and I can spend more time on educational sites.

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This is a screencast that I did on how to use the web tool One True Media. This program allows the user to combine photos and video clips together along with music and text slides to create a video montage.